ID token
ElrondPunks is a collection of 3141 generated ePunks including Special ePunks is the first collection minted on Elrond
EPUNKS EPUNKS-dc0f59 100,000,000    
$MAGIC is the token of the Maiar Wizards ecosystem. It is used to purchase NFT assets, and spread the magic of philanthropy to communities around the world through the personal engagement of community members.
MAGIC MAGIC-4798ea 33,000,000    
Blood (BLOOD) Token
$BLOOD is the token of the Elrond Vampires. They need it to still their thirst.
BLOOD BLOOD-fe36ed 40,000,000,000    
Kavarii (KVRI) Token
Decentralized NFT Video sharing platform using web3 technologies
KVRI KVRI-743439 7,640,000,000    
StartPAD (SPAD) Token
A Decentralized Launchpad built on Elrond Blockchain for Start-ups.
SPAD SPAD-fa83ff 100,000,000    
CyberpunkCity (CYBER) Token
CYBER token is the default currency used within Cyberpunk City Metaverse.
CYBER CYBER-489c1c 98,581,000    
RARE is a token which is used within the SuperRareBears Ecosystem, an NFT project built on Elrond. Usecase includes NFT sales, Staking rewards & Governance
RARE RARE-99e8b0 99,999,999    
Zero2Infinity (Z2I) Token
Enable people with a project and a passion to place themselves above the Earth in order to collect rich data, take high definition images, manage communications and much more.
Z2I Z2I-e9f0ff 100,000,000    
The FRAME token is the utility token of Frame It
FRAME FRAME-474fab 1,000,000,000    
Tolken (TOLKEN) Token
The TOLKEN token is the utility token of MaiarPunks
TOLKEN TOLKEN-a9eb7f 2,641,336